I use that marketing / advertising program for small town business owners to inform small farmers around the small towns where my marketing / advertising program has opened and is being used by small town business owners, many of whom want to gain new customers among the small farming families operating in their small town sales reach so it's a double benefit for all concerned.

Selling the Small Silopress 5 to Small Farmers in America fast, is a challenge since there is a serious gap in awareness by small farmers of the great opportunity to increase personal income by changing  their small farm program from cash crop to beef crop ... it's a no brainer ... beef are ruminants because they produce growth pounds best, at lowest on-farm feed cost when growing and finishing using a high quality balance forage ration from feeder weight to finish weight.

So, since I am a lifelong sales person, my experience provided me a pathway to create ... for small town Independent Business Owners to advertise to their customers, in town an out on the family farms around their small town to help them grow their sales, while providing a way to increase spending by saving.

The famous silage bagger machine Silopress ... MANUFACTURED in the USA,  started in Nebraska over 40 years ago.  If the original concept of providing affordable silage storage to every SMALL farmer HAD NOT BEEN ...  derailed by people ... who missed the idea of the huge small farm market for Silopress...SILAGE BAGGING WOULD BE OPERATING ON MORE SMALL FARMS.

  That should have been avoided if the Silopress would have been continued to be sold to small farmers in the USA, which was my selling business plan instead of changing the target market of the original inventor of Silopress in Ulm German, Grebruder Eberhard Company...which tartet market - Small Farmer Families.

The hay stack was replaced by the square baler machine - that ended up on almost every small farm in America ... and that is what was my plan for Silopress.

But, since I was just a sales person, and not a farmer / cattle feeder / business person, all of my sales business plans were set aside by the people I sold Silopresses to,  who thought the original Silopress was " to small" so they made one "bigger"...and "bigger" has till yet, fit the budget of the small farmer in America. 

Until now.  Even so, it's even better because the Silopress I am selling now is even smaller by 37.5%.

That size silage bagger / bag means the superior form of on-farm ruminant animal forage based rations that the Silpress 5 is used to manage is even more affordable to more small farmers in America than the original Sillopress I was first to sell to an American Farmer for use on his farm to bag silage. 

Even more exciting is the fact, that the five foot bag the Silopress 5 silage bagger produces is perfect for beef self feeding from ...